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Acoustic variables extracted for each USV
Labels are extracted as detailed in the publication
The Autism ProSAP1/Shank2 mouse model displays quantitative and structural abnormalities in ultrasonic vocalisations by Elodie Ey and al.
#Voc Start time (ms) Duration (ms) Min frequency (kHz) Mean frequency (kHz) Max frequency (kHz) Start frequency (kHz) End frequency (kHz) Peak frequency (kHz) Peak power Mean power Number of frequency modulation Number of frequency jump
Find all the data of this table in the zip file in "acoustic data.txt"

The archive contains a mini-offline-website to browse your spectrums, the graphs generated on this page in png and pdf format, the 20x times slowed down wav version of you vocalisation, and a csv file with results per vocalisation.

Your results will be deleted after 1 hour.

The four main ideas driving this website:

Immediate result

We designed this website to help scientists figuring out whether this segmentation and analysis method fulfills their needs.

No installation

We made it simple and straight: no installation, just drag and drop your wav file, and examine the results within seconds, online.

Listen to your data

Mice emit in the ultrasonic frequency range. To get a feeling on your recordings, we provide a wav player to listen to your USVs in the audible frequency range, slowed down 20 times.

Furthermore, the player is synchronized with the spectrogram, to see the current shape of the USV played.

Get your results

Once your data are processed, you can download your results as a “take-away” !

This includes all the graphs on this webpage in pdf format, slowed down sound file, a table with the acoustic variables extracted for each USV, and even a mini website that you can browse offline to check if the segmentation fulfills your need.

Frequently asked questions

Can I process pup voc ?

Yes. If your file name contains "pup", the detection will switch to pup mode automatically.

Do we store your data ?

Original data are uploaded and stored on our server during the processing, and they are deleted as soon as processing is over.

The results are stored for one hour so that you can download them.

Can I process my data in batch ?

Yes. You can download and install the software for batch processing here.

Why do you limit the wav size to 1.2 GB ?

This purpose of this site is to test the method, and to make it available to everybody. So we limit the size of file to keep our server available. Nevertheless, the desktop version has no size/duration limitation.

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